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Personalised Icing Cake Sheets

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Product Description

An easy way to make the cake your own! You can use your own image and text to design the perfect cake top for you!


1. Click “Start Design” above.

2. Choose cake size from selection on right.

3. To Add text, click “Add Text” on Left. Here you can change the text content, font, colour and alignment. To change size, drag arrow under text.

4. To Add one of our templates/images, click “Add Art”, Browse the categories and choose and image by clicking on it. Then click “Select Design” and “Choose Image”.

5. To Add your own Image, click “Upload Image”, “Choose File”,Agree to the terms,”Upload” and “Add Design”.

**Please Note: We will do our best to match the fonts and colours of your design. However, it is not always possible to match exactly.


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